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Learning with Suzart

Suzart prides itself in developing our performers and volunteers, encouraging both a love for theatre and volunteerism. Suzart’s learning opportunities include the Apprenticeship Program, Suzart Workshops, and Teaching in the Community.

Apprentice Program

We are always looking to develop passion in new members for all aspects of community theatre. New volunteers are always welcome to bring their experience and work with our teams.

In order to be a contributing member of a production team, a director/designer must possess a series of competencies.   By pairing experienced members of the production teams (mentors) with members of the company that are interested in learning that role, we are taking steps to develop all aspects of the Suzart community.  The apprentices will work alongside the mentors for a minimum of one production until they have been able to successfully demonstrate each of the required competencies for that position.

The mentors will demonstrate, train, coach, and ultimately entrust each task related to their position. Through ongoing feedback between mentor and apprentice, the apprentice is evaluated; these evaluations determine the next steps for the apprentice (i.e., designer/director, apprentice, assistant, etc.).  The evaluation is based on both skill and confidence in completing the tasks.

Contact our Artistic Director to learn more about becoming an Apprentice or Mentor at

Suzart Workshops

Suzart needs many skilled hands in order to create the magic you see on stage. Everyone is welcome with Suzart- skilled and to-be skilled alike. Through various workshops, Suzart provides opportunities for you to explore and learn about all aspects of theatre with hands-on activities. These workshops are paired with on-the-job opportunities to allow you to further practice your craft on a real show.

Teaching in the Community

Suzart artists are often found instructing newcomers to the wonder of community theatre through programming with the Nepean Creative Arts Centre. Visit their website for upcoming workshops.

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