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Suzart Productions is a non-profit, charitable musical theatre company specializing in affordable entertainment for the entire family. Elaine McCausland and Sue Fowler Dacey started this company with the goal of providing an opportunity for people of all ages to experience the world of theatre in all its aspects.

Suzart presents a chance for everyone, particularly youth, to enjoy musical theatre at an affordable price. Suzart is a proud member of Theatre Ontario and the Eastern Ontario Drama League.

Origin Story

Sue Fowler Dacey, at the time of her retirement, drafted this note describing Suzart's humble beginnings.

"I think it was May of 2003, when Elaine came to my little tiny office at Orpheus bearing lunch as she did every day.  I had had a pretty crappy day so far listening to one particular uneducated board member rip

me apart for my application to direct a particular show.  I wanted to put children in it; he thought I was nuts.   Anyhow, Elaine listened to me rant and then those fateful words came out of her mouth.  "No reason we couldn't start our own company.  Between the two of us, we have most of the necessary skills."

So, armed with the cash from Elaine's retirement from the Armed Forces and my insurance settlement from a house break in, we started Suzart Productions.  My mum invested money, sewed costumes, sorted tickets, even bought a new license plate: Suzart2.  Kraig-Paul was excited, intrigued but he was working professionally in theatres all over Ontario and living in Toronto.  He gave that up to come home and do whatever was needed at Suzart. And then, the final family member. Well, he was only nine with not much choice in the matter.  His vote was that we build all the sets with Lego.  Oh, and don't worry mum.  When I inherit Suzart, I think I'll make it a historical reenactment company.

I had every member of my family on board with my passion.  And then my family grew and grew and grew.  And now look at it!"

Suzart is a proud community member. We have orchestrated flash mobs at area malls, performed at Showtune Showdown in conjunction with Tone Cluster, held benefit concerts in support of the Alzheimer's Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County, and brought our box shows to retirement homes and churches throughout the city. 

Being a supportive community member is a cornerstone of our company. If you would like us to be a part of your community event please contact us at

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